Management And Organization (Without Thesis)

Child Development

Logistic Management

Sociology (Without Thesis)

Hospital and Health Institutions Management (With Thesis)

Digital Game Design


Applied psychology (With thesis)

Applied psychology (Without thesis)

Turkish Music(With Thesis)

Turkish Language and Literature (With Thesis)

Textile and Fashion Design PhD

Physical Education and Sports PhD



Game Design (With Thesis)

Game Development Technologies (Without Thesis)

Gastronomy and Culinary (Without Thesis)

Communication Design (Without Thesis)

Communication Design (With Thesis)


Technology and Intellectual Property Law (With Thesis)

Technology and Intellectual Property Law (Without Thesis)

English Language Teaching


Computer Engineering

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts



Opera, Choir and Popular Music Singing

Cartoon and Animation

Biomedical Engineering

International Trade

Audiology (With Thesis)


Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering PhD

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Without Thesis)

English Language and Literature(Without Thesis)

Software Engineering (Without Thesis)

Private Law PhD


Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (With Thesis)

Nutrition and Dietetics (With Thesis)

Child Development (With Thesis)

Social Services (Without thesis)

Political Science and International Relations (With Thesis)




Medical Documentation and Secretarial

English Translation and Interpreting

Human Resources Management

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Medical Imaging Techniques


Business and Management / EU Students (Per Semester)

Industrial Engineering / EU Students (Per Semester)

Accounting / Non-EU Students (Per Semester)

MBA / Non-EU Students (With Thesis) (Per Semester)

Accounting / EU Students (Per Semester)

MBA / EU Students (With Thesis) (Per Semester)


Materials Science and Nano Engineering

Materials Science and Nano Engineering (With Thesis)

Executive Business Administration (With Thesis)

Mechatronics Engineering

Mathematics (With Thesis)

Finance (With Thesis)


Radio, Cinema and Television (With Thesis)

Directorship (With Thesis)


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (With Thesis)

Art Management (With Thesis)

Elementary Education (With Thesis)


Business Administration (without thesis)

Business Administration PhD

Political Science and International Relations (With Thesis)

Clinical Psychology (Without Thesis)

Communication Sciences PhD

Occupational Health and Safety (Without Thesis)



Medical Imaging Techniques

Oral and Dental Health


Social Services

Biomedical Device Technology


Language and Speech Therapy


Civil Air Transport Management

Audiology (Without Thesis)

Child Development



Internet and Network Technologies

Theatre (With Thesis)

Political Science and International Relations Integrated PhD


Computer Engineering Integrated PhD

European Studies (With Thesis)