Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (With Thesis)

Global Business Administration Online (With Thesis)

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering (With Thesis)

Online Business Administration (With Thesis)


International Trade and Logistics


Civil Engineering


Guidance and Psychology Consulting

Public Relations and Publicity


Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations

International Finance

Public Relations and Publicity

Radio, Television and Cinema

New Media


Physics (With Thesis)

Neuroscience (With Thesis)

Physics PhD

Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD

Neuroscience PhD

Molecular Biology and Genetics (With Thesis)


Electronics and Communication Engineering / Non-EU Students

Electronics and Communication Engineering / EU Students

Mechanical Engineering / Non-EU Students

Mechanical Engineering / EU Students

Civil Engineering / Non-EU Students

Civil Engineering / EU Students



Interior Design

Product Design

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Digital Business & Management

Business Management / Organizational Psychology



Energy and Sustainable Development (With Thesis)

Computer Engineering PhD

Cyber Security (Without Thesis)

International Trade and Finance

Financial Engineering (With Thesis)


Medical İmaging Techniques

Private Law (Without Thesis)

Business (Without Thesis)

Occupational Health and Safety (Without Thesis)

Business (With Thesis)

Business(With Thesis)


Child Development

Operating Room Services

Medical Imaging Techniques


First and Emergency Aid



Computer Engineering (Without Thesis)

Molecular Biology and Genetics(Without Thesis)

Business(Without Thesis)

Theatre(With Thesis)

Cyber Security (Without Thesis)

Midwifery (Without Thesis)


Finance and Banking



International Trade




Psychology (With Thesis)

American Republic and Creative Writing (Without Thesis)

Health Anthropology (Without Thesis)

American Republic and Creative Writing (With Thesis)

Health Anthropology (With Thesis)

Political Science and International Relations



Oral Implantology (With Thesis)

Drug Research and Development (With Thesis)

First and Emergency Assistance

Disaster Medicine PhD

Clinical Pharmacy (With Thesis)


English Language and Literature

Nutrition and Dietetics

Operating Room Services

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Health Management (With Thesis)

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Architecture (With Thesis)

Architecture (Without Thesis)

Marketing Communication (Without Thesis)

Marketing Communication (With Thesis)

Psychology (With Thesis)

Business (With Thesis)