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The Cookie Statement is part of the Privacy Statement. For more detailed information about the protection of our company and visitor information, see our Privacy Statement.

Cookie is a type of identification file left to the computer by any website. In order to provide you with customized services and in accordance with your needs, you must remember and register your information regarding the use of this website. All these operations are carried out through Cookies, which are described as small text files. Cookies on this website are uploaded to your computer or other devices through the Server by storing a small amount of information. Every time you visit this website, your internet browser sends cookies to this website; so the website recognizes you and remembers your information as user preferences. 

Cookies do not contain personal data of people visiting the site, such as names, ages, addresses, gender.

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Each time you use this website, information can be collected through cookies and other technologies. By using this website, accept the use of cookies described in the Cookie Notice, as well as the use of cookies described in cookie notifications on other countries, regions, or service-based websites that you can visit within the you'll be able to.

Types and reasons for the cookie used?

Some cookies used are required to use our website and take advantage of certain features, such as providing access to secure content offered for registered users. 

Functional Cookies are used to record preferences and information, such as language or region selection when using the website, and to provide you with more appropriate service. This information is usually anonymous and is not used for other purposes. 

We or our service providers also use analytical services to understand the efficiency of our content and the interests of our users and to improve the functioning of our Site. In addition, web beacon or tracking cursor is used to measure the number of visitors, and Performance Cookies are used on our site to observe the number of individual users on the Site and the frequency of users accessing the site. This information is only used for statistical purposes and is not used for the purpose of identifying users individually.  However, if you register on our Site, this information may be combined with information and cookies from web analytics services to analyze your use of the Site. 

Advertising Cookies that transmit specific ads to users are not used on our websites.

How to control cookies?

By accessing this website, you agree that cookies may be placed on your computer or devices described above. However, you can control and edit cookies in a variety of ways. If you remove or block cookies, we remind you that this may affect your website usage and may have difficulty accessing parts of the website. 

Browser control

Most browsers allow you to see cookies on your computer, delete cookies one by one, or block cookies from certain websites or all websites. If you delete all cookies, we remind you that all preferences you make (including the option to use cookies) will be deleted. For more detailed information about how to filter or block cookies by changing browser settings, see or link.

Social Keys

"Social keys" are used for users to share or mark their web pages. These are buttons for third-party social media sites, and these social media websites can record information about your activities on the Internet, including this website. To learn how these websites use information about you, block it, or delete information, review the usage rules and privacy policies of those sites.

Outsourced web services

In some cases, outsourced web services are used in page content on this website. (E.g., viewing or surveying images and videos). As with social keys, it cannot be prevented from these sites or outsourced workspaces from collecting/storing information from the content you use.

E-mail Communication

We are able to use tracking technologies to make our communication more interesting and functional by accessing the information that has been read, opened or forwarded to someone else about some of the emails we send you. Since we can't remove the tracking feature in the emails we send, if you don't want us to access the information that the content sent to you has been read, opened, or transmitted to someone else, you should delete your registration. You can change your contact preferences and terminate your membership by calling our call centers or by contacting us from our email addresses.

Our company may change this Cookie Notice where necessary. If the notification is changed, the updated or modified Cookie Notice will be effective from the date specified by changing the update date at the top of the page. By reviewing the Cookie Notice at certain times, we recommend that you learn about the use of cookies.