Midwifery (Without Thesis)

Business Administration

International Trade and Logistic Management

Composition and Orchestral Conducting

Piano, Harp and Guitar

String Instruments


Textile and Fashion Design PhD

Physical Education and Sports PhD

Textile and Fashion Design(Without Thesis)

Turkish Language and Literature ( Without Thesis)

Theatre(With Thesis)

Physical Education and Sports (With Thesis)


Chemistry PhD

Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Laboratory Techniques

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (With Thesis)

Obstetrics and Gynecology (With Thesis)

Operating Room Services



Opera Singing

Film Design

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Management Information Systems

Exercise and Sportive Performance (With Thesis)


Early Childhood Education (without Thesis)

Early Childhood Education (with Thesis)

Neuroscience (With Thesis)

Computer Engineering (Without Thesis)

Biomedical Engineering (With Thesis)

Artificial Intelligence (With Thesis)


Translation and Interpretation

Software Engineering

Economics USA (With Thesis)

Media and Communication

Capital Markets and Portfolio Management

Energy Systems Engineering


Molecular Biology and Genetics (With Thesis)

Nutrition and Dietetics (With Thesis)

Ergotherapy (With Thesis)

Physiotherapy (With Thesis)

Midwifery (Without Thesis)

Nutrition and Dietetics (Without Thesis)


International Trade and Finance



Clinical Psychology (With Thesis)

Cartoon and Animation

Maritime and Port Management



Comparative Literature (With Thesis)

Private Law PhD

Public Law PhD

Global Health (with thesis)

Design Strategy and Management Track (Design MBA)




Industrial Engineering



Information Technologies (With Thesis)


Forensic Nursing - Midwifery ( Without Thesis)

Computer Forensic Crimes (With Thesis)

Computer Forensic Crimes (Without Thesis)

Forensic Nursing - Midwifery (With Thesis)

Engineering Management (With Thesis)

Biosecurity (With Thesis)


Product Design

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Digital Business & Management

Business Administration | International Management and Marketing

BA Business Administration | Human Resource Management & Leadership

Interior Design (2 years) (With Thesis)







International Trade and Finance


Banking PhD

International Trade (With Thesis)

Finance and Banking

Public Relations and Advertisement

Marketing Management (With Thesis)

International Banking and Finance (With Thesis)


Graphic Design Art Qualification PhD

Pre-School Education (With Thesis)

Pre-School Education (Without Thesis)

Political Science and International Relations (Without Thesis)

Performing Arts (With Thesis)

Television and Cinema (Without Thesis)