TRUCAS (Turkish Universities & Colleges Admission Services) was established in 2012 and offers appropriate educational opportunities for graduate students in all countries of the world to receive associate, master's and doctoral studies in Turkey. It is a strong organization that provides training consultancy services with its expert staff. 

TRUCAS is the first application center for all kinds of questions about getting university education in Turkey and we provide high-level service to you and the universities we cooperate with. We contact universities in Turkey for you students and the Overseas representations of these Universities and determine the support we will give in the process. We provide you with all useful information, including tuition fees, which include the tuition fees of universities where you want to take advantage of the educational opportunity, which is your interest, and your score is sufficient. If all we ask students is to fill in your information fully and thoroughly by logging into our site. University Search Engine and detailed information about universities supported by TRUCAS can be easily searched by you, and quick application to different universities and different departments we're making sure it's done. Although you only get information about universities from their own websites or through TRUCAS, you can view the fairs and events and to the latest event you can share information that can shed light on your applications with an interview with university representatives and expert TRUCAS staff.


In 1999, it emerged with the vision of setting standard principles in education and the ability to receive education on equal terms and the validity of their diplomas by the countries that supported them. An agreement has been reached between 47 countries, including Turkey. With this agreement, every student who has studied abroad for at least 3 years and has a high school diploma has the right to study in higher education in Turkey, whether Turkish or not. Like all other countries, in Turkey, 10% of the total number of students of universities is reserved for students from abroad. Although student selection varies according to the type of university, Foundation Universities; does not request any examinations for overseas students to apply. 80% of Public Universities do Foreign Student Selection Exam (YÖS); there may also be situations where they do not take exams by looking at the course grades.

In this context, TRUCAS provides consultancy services to both students and contracted universities and plays a key role in facilitating the process.

Dear student candidates,

You can also complete your education in universities that provide international standards in Turkey, have a world-class diploma and take the first step in your career with the education you have received in Turkey..