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Sabancı University and University of Pennsylvania Joint Teaching Activities and Study Visits 

Sabancı University Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Member Meltem Muftuler-Bac and Beth Simmons, Andrea Mitchell Professor of International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania offered a joint course on International Borders in an Age of Anxiety for UPENN and Sabancı University students in Fall 2019. 

As part of course requirements, 18 UPenn students visited the Sabanci campus from January 4 to 13 for joint activities with Sabancı students.  The field research component of the course was carried out with multiple activities in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. First, students from UPENN and Sabancı University presented their joint studies and an international memo they have co-authored during the semester. 

They participated in briefings conducted at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU Affairs, and the European Union Delegation in Ankara, met with the American General Consul in Istanbul, and conducted focus groups with Syrian refugees in Istanbul. Finally, they visited the Directorate of Migration and Harmandali Deportation Centre in Izmir. The field research and joint activities enabled the students to witness on a firsthand basis how what they study in class is reflected in real life.

German-Turkish Youth Bridge

Aleyna Güven, one of our students in the Industrial Engineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, is home in Lich in 2017. Stiftung Arnsburg (ESTA) with his internship, the first steps taken "German-Turkish Youth Bridge" continues rapidly.

After completing the Social Awareness (CIP) project at Sabancı University, the latest developments in the German press regarding the "How do We Live Together Beyond Borders?" project, led by Aleyna Güven, who interned at the love house in Germany, said: "We will live together in the German press." The German-Turkish friendship meeting in Lich".

It aims to bring together university students in Germany and Turkey to discuss concepts such as culture, citizenship, human rights, forced displacement, international migration, refugee and child refugees, and establish a bridge of ideas The first leg of the program took place at Sabancı University from 27 January to 3 February 2019.

The second leg of the "How Do We Live Together Beyond Borders?" project will take place in Germany in January 2020.

Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students Ayse Ecer and Ara Ege Altinman, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences students Hakan Öztürk, Seyma Roza Sevinç and Aleyna Güven and Management at the second leg of the project, which will take place in Lich Faculty of Sciences 2019 graduate Egemen Kaplan will participate.

Aleyna Güven expressed that they are very excited about the second change project that will be in January, "We think that the workshops and field work that we will do there will be useful for us. Maybe thanks to the experience we will have here, we will open the door to new projects," he said.