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Organized by TRUCAS; Turkish Universities and Colleges Admission Service, an educational fair took place on May 4th in Rotterdam, Holland. And another on the 6th which was in Cologne, Germany.

Kadir Has University represented by the head of our International Office Dr. E. Burak Arikan have joined the said fair and had the delight of meeting and greeting many different prospective students and partners.

Enjoying the cities also didn’t seem like a bad idea! We now would be welcoming new students to check the Turkish scenery and culture during their studies at KHAS!



As always, Kadir Has University makes sure to always expand its international student’s ground to all regions possible, and as yet another step through that process, KHAS‘s International Office’s Erasmus officer Ms. Nur Eradli has participated in the Education Exhibition in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan and represented Kadir Has University to the Uzbek students.

The fair took time between the 20th and the 21st of April, but represented an amazing opportunity for interacting with over 8000 new prospective students in person, to answer their inquiries about studying abroad, Turkey, and KHAS.

During her short visit, Ms. Eradli also had the chance to pay a visit and meet with some of our partner agencies in Uzbekistan which is always a pleasure, and an efficient way to strengthen our connections with partnering corporations as an international educational facility.